Dear visitor and seeker!

My name is Laura Flóra. I have been teaching yoga since 2015, and in 2019 I started holding sound baths and ceremonies with live music. In 2020 I began studying and practicing aromatherapy as well. My activities take place all around the world, as I am often traveling, yet I have two bases; one in Hungary, and another one in Norway.

When I was 13 years old, my parents introduced me to the world of yoga, meditation and holistic lifestyle. As a child, I went to music school, sang in the national choir, played the piano and the guitar, and attended dancing courses. I learned yoga and various forms of meditation in India, Norway and Hungary. I also studied and practiced different styles of martial arts, and in South America I became acquainted with music therapy, plant medicine and aromatherapy. Other than that, I have a master’s degree in Urban Ecological Planning, two Permaculture Design Course certifications, and I am above average interested in community building, nature and environmentalism.

Today, I teach yoga, lead intuitive music circles/mantra circles/women’s circles, and I hold ceremonies according to different ancient traditions. I also offer sound therapy and guided visualization sessions, as well as intuitive music and singing lessons, both individually and for groups.

My wish with Holistic Healing is to present a wide range of tools for physical, mental and emotional health. My goal is to make it possible for everyone to pick and choose the tools that they need, and to help them integrate these in their everyday lives and get sustainable with it!
You can read more about the tools I offer here:

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